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Vitaciouk White Label Supplements – Your Solution for an Easy and Affordable Start to Your Nutritional Supplements Business.

Launching and sustaining such a venture can be challenging and costly, but our White Label Supplements service streamlines the process.
We not only provide wholesale products but also handle product investments, legal compliance, and logistics, ensuring a safe and beneficial supplement range for your market. Our expert team takes care of manufacturing, regulations, marketing, and formulation development, allowing you to focus on delivering to the needs of your clients healthily and responsibly.

By using our Private Label Service, you eliminate challenges, setting your business up for success in a responsible manner. We adapt to your budget, offering one of the largest supplement portfolios with over 80 products available at any given moment.

The advantages of starting your own supplements label include:

⦁ Brand out from the crowd with your unique label.

⦁ Shape your packaging to target specific markets.

⦁ Encourage repeat business with your contact details on the label.

⦁ Set your own selling prices without fears of competition from the same brand.

Our White Label Service caters to early-stage re-sellers or those looking to fast-track the process with own label customization services. For as little as £49.99, our graphic designers can customize our ready-made white label template to fit your range requirements

Special Offers:

⦁ Single Offer: £49.99 (1x New Label and Pot Image)

⦁ Bundle Offer: £174.99 (5x New Labels and Pot Images)

⦁ Bundle Offer: £299.99 (10x New Labels and Pot Images)

We aim to send you a proof of the graphic within 2 to 3 business days. Our post-friendly flat letterbox bottles help you maximize profit by reducing shipping costs. We only charge to recover printing costs – label design and fixing are complimentary. Keep unused labels on hand for your next orders.

Have questions? Email us – we’re ready to assist in any way we can. We offer flexible and transparent services with no contracts or maintenance costs!

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